About John Lawrence

PhotographI have always been a keen radio experimenter resulting from my schoolboy days of building crystal sets and one valve radios. My information came from the popular Practical Wireless and later on from Wireless World and Electronic Engineering. Also, from radio books in the local library.

On leaving school I worked in a wartime factory manufacturing Army radio equipment and after the war I moved into domestic radio and television. It was here, on a television training course, that I first started keeping a technical Workshop Notebook. It is where, over the years and in subsequent notebooks, I have recorded my experimental circuit diagrams, drawings, measurement results, notes and references.

I obtained my Amateur Radio Licence GW3JGA in 1953 and my Amateur Television Licence GW3JGA/T in 1958.

In 1960 I moved to the Electronic Engineering Department of Bangor University and set up the faculty Electronics Workshop, designing and building equipment for research purposes.

I joined the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) in 1957 and received their quarterly magazine CQ-TV. In 1969 I started writing a regular column for CQ-TV entitled 'Circuit Notebook'. This included various items from my original Workshop Notebook where these had a television theme or application.

An index of these entries, starting at Circuit Notebook No.1 is given below. Only Circuit Notebook entries from No.76 onwards are available here. Circuit Notebook entries No.1 to No.75 are not in digital format so cannot be included. However, they can be viewed on the BATC website www.batc.org.uk and from the CQ-TV DVD which is available from the BATC.